Forest Recycling Project are delighted to to be creating the a Waltham Forest Directory of Reuse and Repair Services, in partnership with Waltham Forest Council.

You can read the announcement here.

There follows some further information and frequently asked questions, which we will update as we think will be helpful to you:

Please note that we collected new entries for the directory up until 30 November 2023 – thank you to everyone who took part.  The data collection is now complete and we are not looking for new entries or edits, as we need to upload everything we have.  We will update our website and followers if we are able to open for new entries again in future.

Can I enter details for a project or business that I know about?

Thank you for wanting to help.  We need someone who runs the project or business to complete the form, because they have the authority to share the information. But please share the information with any projects or businesses in Waltham Forest that you think should be listed.  You can also email with your suggestions.

My service type isn’t listed under the categories.

We are focussing on certain categories and list these, knowing that we can’t list absolutely everything at least at this first stage.  This is so that we can get a directory up and running.  With regard to anything to do with food reclaim and sharing, we know that our friends at the Hornbeam Centre are doing a mapping exercise for this with Waltham Forest Council and so we are not duplicating the information here.  When filling in the form, please just tick any categories that apply to you and then use the text section afterwards to describe what you do to readers and say more.  We know a few tick boxes won’t do justice to everything you do, so this text box is important too.  If your work is not covered by any of the categories, you are welcome to tick ‘other’ and then add a word or two about the category, before going on to complete the text box.

Can I get help filling out the form?

Yes!  Please get in touch.  The best way is to email to reach the small team working on this.  If you are unable to email, please call FRP on 020 8539 3856.  You can also ask someone else to email us and tell us how to get in touch with you.

Can I review and update my entry?

Yes you can.  You will receive an email copy of what you have submitted and you can go back and change and improve it, if you want, up until 30 November 2023.  Please note that after that time we will be creating the directory and further updates will probably not be incorporated.  We will also get in touch with everyone who is going to be part of the directory to let you know the latest and give you ongoing contact details, and we hope to keep the directory updated by contacting everyone again after about 12 months to check for any updates.

Will you include everyone who submits a form?

As you will see on the form, FRP and Waltham Forest Council will curate the directory using the information submitted, and reserve the right to leave out things which aren’t suitable, or are incomplete.  Please make sure you fill the form in in full, and please feel free to email us at if you are unsure.  The essential information is clearly marked on the form, please make sure you include it all and check for accuracy.  We’ll do our best to present all relevant work in the borough as thoroughly as possible.  

When will this information be available to the public?

We are aiming to work with Waltham Forest Council to have everything published online by January 2024.  Follow FRP to hear the latest news.

What about events, how can we publicise those?

This map is designed to provide ongoing information rather than events, creating something that can be an ongoing reference document once it is published online.  Ongoing services/premises can be put on the map and you can describe the sort of events that take place in the text section, though please avoid one-off events that will quickly go out of date.  We are looking at ways to promote individual events as part of a campaign in 2024 – follow us to receive the latest information.

I’m interested in recycling – how can I get the best information about how to recycle things locally?

That’s great!  Use this page to link to all the latest information in Waltham Forest.  North London Waste Authority also has an A-Z of recycling that you might find useful.

You can also help recycling a lot by using local services who reclaim, repair, upcycle, share and sell things that people want to recycle.  This is an essential part of the cycle that stops things from going to waste – and you can get some great stuff cheaply and ethically too, whilst supporting organisations and businesses doing this work locally.  We want to help you do this and so we are creating the directory.

What else is happening locally?

There will be reuse and repair events happening locally – look out for news about these, they will be great community and family events.  They will also mark the return of the highly popular FRP Give and Take events to Waltham Forest.

FRP and Waltham Forest Council are also looking more widely as to how we can promote services and events working on reuse and repair, after we have put the directory together.

Also, you can find out more at: