Walthamstow Tool Library | 2a Priory Court | Tue & Sat 4-7pm

Borrow tools & green your community

WTL is a tool lending library in Priory Court with a special focus on garden and DIY tools and the mission to make tools both accessible and affordable, while reducing the need to purchase new tools and consequently our impact on the environment. The project was developed by residents of William Morris Big Local, made possible by WMBL funding and is now run by Forest Recycling Project.

Our joint aim is to become a vibrant community hub that connects people and ideas to make our lives and surroundings greener, healthier and more inclusive!

We are turning 1! Come join us on Saturday, Sep 25th, 4-7pm, to celebrate one year of borrowing instead of buying.

We will be swapping winter seedlings and cuttings (bring them on!), sell some of our spare tools and gardening books. Joe & Chris will once again be ready & happy to sharpen your tools – please book your time slot on our system or email us beforehand and tell us which hand tools (max. 3) you’d like to get sharpened.

Another highlight of the day will be our lovely guest Helene Schulze from the Seed Sovereignty Programme and London Freedom Seed Bank, who will talk all things seeds: Learn to save your own tomato seeds, make seed bombs and play with the interactive seed bank. Bring some seeds to share as well as stories of your own experiences of learning to save seed as we think about how we can build and support the WTL seed library.

Do not forget to bring your apple & pear harvest so that we can make some fruity juice for everyone with our new fruit press! We also kindly ask you to bring your own cup with you to reduce our use of disposables.

WTL Membership for £10-40 / Year

Have a browse on our online inventory and create an account with us to get access to hundreds of tools! For more info about becoming a member, go to https://walthamstowtl.myturn.com/library.

Tool Donations

We are always looking for donations to help stock and diversify this new resource. If you would like to donate any good condition garden related or DIY tools, check our wish list below and email tools@frpuk.org

Tool Sharpening

We provide a tool sharpening service on the start of every season. Members can get up to 3 hand tools sharpened for free – from non-members, we do kindly ask for a donation. Our first summer sharpening session on July 10th has been a major success! We will announce the next sessions very soon – so watch this space!

Seeds & Seedlings 

Have you got a glut of seeds or plants? We’ve created a little seed library in our tool library, so that you can swap seeds while borrowing tools. Similarly, do you have any spare seedings or plants? These could be from the garden where the plants have multiplied too much or plants that have needed separating. You can bring and/or take seeds during our opening times or drop them off at the tool library seed drop box in a labeled envelope anytime. Plants/seedlings can be kept for one of our plant swap days. Not so sure how to sow & grow? Download our how-to-sow-seeds guide, that’ll help you get started.

How to Find & Contact Us

Our library is based at 2a Priory Court, E17 5LS. It’s the road’s smallest building with the largest & most beautiful mural, created by local kids and artist Lorraine Ward. Public Transport: Victoria line & Overground to Blackhorse Road, Bus W11 & 123 to Higham Hill Road (Stop S).

Questions or Suggestions?

Send us an email to tool@frpuk.org, we usually check the account on a Tuesday and a Friday. You can also call us on 07933 710644 during our opening times. To receive regular updates and info, please join the Walthamstow Tool Library mailing list and follow us on Instagram.

WTL Newsletter Archive

  • Summer 2021 – about winter seeds & cuttings, regular sharpenings & finished murals
  • June 2021 – about our mural & sharpening service pilot, seedling swap house, tomato care, natural fertiliser & greening up Priory Court
  • May 2021 – about consumables, our 1. seedling swap, planting out, slug control & making compost
  • April 2021 – about hardening off seedlings, preparing beds, “NoMowMay” & our extended team
  • March 2021 – about WMBL’s grand sunflower competition, sowing seed (part 2) & how to build windowsill planter
  • February 2021 – about sowing seed (part 1), our seed drop box and a wonderful community project with WFSCP
  • January 2021 – about seeds, our seed library & winter pruning
  • December 2020 – all about tree planting, alternative Christmas trees & tree decorations
  • November 2020 – mulching, a WMBL greening project & our feature in Waltham Forest Echo
  • October 2020 – everything about WTL, its vision & mission, memberships & its team

Walthamstow Tool Library wish list


  • new gardening gloves x20
  • loppers x4, long lopper x4
  • bow saw with dry blades X4, bow saw with wet blades x4, brush saw x4
  • topiary shears x2, pruning saw x4, pole/tree pruner x1, snips x2
  • hand trowels x5, hand forks x5
  • garden secateurs x5, hedge shears x2, shears x4
  • shovels x5, rabbit spade x2
  • dutch hoe x3, garden hoe x3, spud hoe
  • soil tiller, Hand soil tiller
  • bulb planters x2, seeder x4
  • sythe x2, hand sickle
  • handheld sprayer
  • mattock x4, wrecking bar-x2, post banger 
  • stiff bristled sweeping brushes x2
  • apple picker x2 
  • mesh riddle
  • patio knife x2
  • small axe, splitting axe, two handed axe
  • lawn edger, lawn edge cutter x2
  • moss roller, remover
  • fruit press/macerator x2 each
  • hose reel and hose x1

Carpentry tools and power tools

  • chisels, squares, marking gauges etc
  • battery drills X4 (e.g. Makita, Dewalt, Bosch, Black & Decker)
  • battery jigsaw x2, battery circular saw x2, mitre saw x1
  • battery small angle grinder x1
  • electric sander x2
  • electric hedge clippers x2
  • cordless grass trimmer, cordless strimmer
  • sledge hammer, lump hammer x4, rubber mallet, pick axe x2
  • electric pruning/pole saw x1
  • hand saws: tenon saw x2, panel saw x2, rip saw x2
  • socket set
  • crowbar
  • long spirit levels x2, string levels x4 
  • clamps: x10 G or F-clamps, x5 sash clamps

Items for our lending site

  • gazebo, 4 fold-up tables, 4 fold-up chairs 
  • good quality coffee machine
  • workbench holding vice

Please contact us if you have any other items that you think would help or if you have a specific tool wish. Thank you for your support!