Community Outreacher

Help spread the word about the sharing economy revolution!

The Opportunity: Community Outreacher at Walthamstow Tool Library – We are looking for a person who will help spread the word about the Sharing Economy Revolution!

Tasks vary and can be adjusted to your liking. They range from speaking with members of the public about WTL, creating content for our newsletter and social media presence, writing articles, and designing flyers. You can also get involved in organising and running events and workshops like our seed and plant swaps, building planters, etc.

Skills Needed: Communication & interpersonal Skills – ideally experience and enthusiasm for social media in particular Facebook, as we are trying to create our community there at this moment.

The Commitment: Very flexible, can be done from home with the occasional visit to the tool library.

The Impact: WTL is providing easy and affordable access to tools and reducing the need of buying things that are only needed once or twice by an individual. Through volunteering with WTL you actively take part in creating a sharing community and in lowering our collective carbon footprint.

Contact: Please send us an email to

If you would like to know more, please visit our website.