FRP has a green soul.

Our commitment to a greener healthier East London is a thread that ties many of our activities together.

FRP makes zero-waste planters and raised beds from reclaimed scaffolding boards. Using waste wood to facilitate urban greening is a neat way of turning an environmental problem into a practical solution.

Considering greening your own space? Here are some great reasons to get started:

  • Make your neighborhood a more pleasant place to be
  • Make you proud to live there
  • Improve your environment e.g. by reducing pollution and increase biodiversity
  • Enhance your physical and mental wellbeing.In 2019, FRP will be working with the William Morris Big Local to deliver a pilot scheme that aims to dramatically green front gardens and balconies in the William Morris ward in Walthamstow.

FRP also partnered with Friends of the Earth in delivering the 10x greener pilot scheme at Daubeney road. (read more here ) and we actively support the London National Park City Movement (read more here)