Reclaiming Paint

Of the 320 million litres of paint sold in the UK each year an estimated 50 million litres - enough to fill 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools - goes to waste. Reclaimed paint is both an environmentally friendly and cost effective way to decorate and truly has the ability to transform your space.

Why we reclaim paint

Environmental Benefit

Reclaiming paint stops perfectly good materials from reaching landfill and reduces the amount of Co2 emissions emitted, reduces pollution and conserves natural resources such as water by decreasing the demand to create new paint.

Community Benefit

Reclaiming paint enables local residents and community groups to improve their living and working space in a cost effective way, promoting a higher sense of wellbeing and richer engagement with the space. We are proud to be a member of the Community RePaint network who enables reclaiming paint nationwide.

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Environmental Impact / Stats


Litres of paint collected


Litres of paint reused.


Kg of CO2 emissions saved by reusing paint.

How We Reclaim Paint


Step One - Donate leftover paint to nearest Recycling Center

Local residents donate their reusable paint to nearby household recycling sites which we then visit on a weekly basis and collect from. Businesses can also donate to us directly.

Step Two - Paint is quality checked

Once collected the paint is brought back to our processing warehouse, where it is sorted, quality checked and remixed if needs be by a small team of volunteers and staff.

Step Three - A better retail offer

The paint is then sold as a sustainable, low-cost alternative to new paint via our paint shop in Walthamstow and paint warehouse in Leytonstone. Both paint sites operate like a standard retail shop so are open to the general public to purchase paint, no appointment needed. You can shop from both our paint shop in Walthamstow and paint warehouse in Leytonstone.
Feeling inspired? Find your nearest donation points on the Community RePaint website

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