Reclaiming Wood

We reclaim used scaffolding boards, as well as other wood from the building industry. Old boards become planters in greening projects and tables and shelving in peoples’ homes and businesses. Used floorboards are made into biodiversity boxes, providing much needed space for animals to nest.

Why we reclaim wood

Environmental Benefit

Wood waste from building sites amounts to around 850 thousand tonnes per year in UK. Much of that will be left to rot in landfill. FRP prolongs the lifespan of the wood, reducing landfill and Co2 emissions.

Community Benefit

FRP runs carpentry mentoring sessions where we teach and skill-share, empowering community members to make a contribution towards a greener tomorrow.

Environmental Impact / Stats


Scaffold boards reclaimed


CO2 saved compared with using new wood

How We Reclaim Wood


Step One - Donate and Recycle with FRP

By partnering with housing developers and construction companies, FRP seeks to lessen the environmental impact of wood waste and facilitate positive social change.

Step Two - Volunteering and Skill sharing Opportunities

FRP works with local communities and residents, offering meaningful volunteering opportunities and skills sharing sessions to gain experience in the sustainability sector.

Step Three - Greening the Community

FRP also facilitates volunteer making and greening sessions tailored for community groups.

Reclaimed Wood Project Gallery