Volunteers have been at the heart of our work at FRP for more than 25 years.

FRP welcomes volunteers from all backgrounds in a supported and sociable volunteering program called Green Champions that is designed to increase confidence, positive mental wellbeing and help us achieve our environmental and social aims. 

In the past five years, over 250 local people have been involved in training and volunteering in working with reuse materials, with lots of support and guidance from the team.  Everyone is welcome and we are delighted that many of our Green Champions have found us through local services like the local mental health support service, social prescribing and other local organisations. 

We believe that everyone can be a champion for the environment and be part of the solution to the climate crisis and help each other and the community at the same time.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide distinctive and rewarding volunteering opportunities which make a real and positive difference, whether through being a stepping stone into a job, or giving a boost to overall well-being or even just to help connect to the local community and meet new people. If you’re over 18 and live in East London you can volunteer with us and can:

  • gain work experience and learn new skills;
  • meet other members of the local community; and
  • earn a sense of achievement, from contributing to a practical project with environmental and social aims.

Our volunteers make an essential contribution and are an integral part of FRP. We thank all of our past and present volunteers for their service and support and are confident that we’ve made a positive difference in their life’s’ as well too.

If you have any questions about volunteering for FRP, please contact 020 8539 3856 or email greg@frpuk.org

Apply to volunteer with us here:

Apply to volunteer for FRP